Surya Pahar-Ellora Of The North East

In fact it is the only place in the North East where one can see sculptures and Architectural remains of Buddha,Jain and Hindu periods.

With myriads of ancient relics like sculptors, temple ruins, caves and cut out into rocks, votive stupas, chaityas,images of Brahmical Buddhists and Jaina affiliation and gateways adorning its bosom, the Sri Surya Pahar presents a magnificent spectacle, but unfortunately very few people even in the state of Assam are aware that such a monumental tourists spots exists.

The Surya Pahar lying close to the mighty Brahmaputra had been a major trade center or a seat o administration in the past. That it was a elating pot of diverse culture also establishes the popularity of the place. Legend has it that there is one short of One Lakh relic in the hill, bestowing or it the status of and sanctity of a second Kashidham.

With a view to harnessing its tourism potential, TOURFED formally launched its day long Package tour to Sri Surya Pahar from the 11th of December, 02 with Elephant Safari.
A resort would also be constructed to accommodate the tourists. With funds from the Tourism Finance Corporation Of India. After China Has signed a MOU with India giving India the (ADS) approved Destination Status.TOURFED intends to market this “Ellora Of The North East” exclusively in the South East Asian Countries.