Speech of Chairman Rajkhowa at ULFA's

At the very eve of the celebration of 24th foundation day of ULFA, he presents his revolutionary salute to the freedom hungry oppressed and dependent peoples of Assam. He confers his revolutionary salutations and congratulations to all senior and junior revolutionary brothers-in-arms respectively. He puts forward his honor and sympathy for the commanding determination of Mr. Anup Chetia and Mr. Pradip Gogoi the General Secretary and Vice Chairman of ULFA respectively who have spent years of their revolutionary lives behind bar. He recollects the great reminiscence of the hero martyrs and presents his salute to those brave souls. He further offers his deep compassion to those families who lost their most beloved ones, to those mothers and sisters who lost everything, to all other tortured victims who were handicapped and to the incarcerated brothers and sisters in the hand of Indian Occupation Forces.

He imparts his warm revolutionary congratulations and gratitude to the revolutionary parties of the fraternal neighboring nations such as NSCN, NDFB, UNLF, RPF, TPDF, KLO, NLFT, ADF, HNLC for their co-operation and kind help in the past days. He further expresses his gratefulness to the friends abroad who have been stretching their helping hands for our struggle.

He indicates that ULFA has been over and again seeking for a political solution of the Indo-Assam conflict however the occupation India has been reciprocating the urge with military operations such as Bajrang, Rhino, Sher-e-Dil,Cobra Golden Bird, Samsher etc. Sometimes India publishes some statements in favour of peaceful negotiation. However, all these steps have neither any good intention nor based on reality. All these are meant to divert the attention of the peoples from the struggle and continue the incessant process of looting the Tea, Oil, Coal and Forest products of Assam. Assam was never a part of India and the imposition of Indian constitution is only a hegemonic behavior. Henceforth, the independence of Assam does not necessarily mean secession of Indian territorial integrity. It is the focal point of Indo-Assam struggle. Hence there may not be any question to start negotiation, as Indian political leaders urge, within the framework of Indian constitution. On the other hand, ULFA is always ready to resolute the conflict peacefully with government of India provided the already set conditions are met.

He says to his own people that they can’t just ignore the future and must prepare for it. The people should select their side very clearly i.e the side of the colonial occupation or the freedom struggle one. He calls to wage an overall armed and unarmed struggle against Indian occupation. He expresses his determination that it would be possible for us to solve the nationality problems within us only after the independence from the clutch of foreign politics and economy.

At last he denotes that ULFA is a matured democratic party and any cunning policy of occupation India meant to crush it is compelled to produce futile result. The untouched unity of the party has kept the continuity of determination for the struggle up even within the turmoil of military campaign and cunning occupation policy.

from FREEDOM, FORTNIGHTLY newsletter by UNITED LIBERATION FRONT of ASOM (Volume 7 issue 8, April 15, 2003)