The Journey Begins for Assam’s Films

The inaugural film was Kaalsandhya by latre Bhabendra Nath Saikia , other films which were screened in the festivals are Jahnu Barua's "Firingoti'', Santwana Bardoloi's "Adajya'' (The Flight), Manju Bora's "Laaz'', Sanjib Hazarika's "Matsyagandhya'' (Outrage), Jwangdoa Bodosa's ``Hagramayo Jinahari'' (Rape in the Virgin Forest) and Sanjib Sabhapandit's ``Juye Poora Xoon'' (The Self Triumphs). All the film had English sub title during screening.

There was also photo exhibition on Assamese film industry and a souvenir was also launched on the occasion. The government and the ASFDC have taken right initiative, as Assamese cinemas are not popular unlike other regional films. The films from south India are popular as they have good publicity. Many film personalities from the state were also present in the festival.

The marketing of Assamese film is important if we need to reach out to people across the country. Whenever I talk to my friend from other part of the country they always say that there is no perfect platform to showcase Assamese movies. In this regards initiatives of this kind is really appreciable. Mr. Tarun Gogoi, Assam’s Chief Minister has rightly said in his inaugural speech that selling and marketing is lacking in the state. He also said that Assam’s filmmaker Jahnu Baruah has made many films before making ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nehi Mara’. But this film has made him popular all over the country.

This might be a good beginning for marketing our cinemas. The national media has to play a vital role in promoting Assam’s culture. Cinema is the best medium through which we can promote our rich culture and society system across the world. There must be continuous effort if we want to put Assamese films ahead of others. Similar sort of festivals may be planned in other parts of the country and also out side the country.

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