Informal Meeting of Ex-Jorhat Engineering College Graduates

Date: 21 Januray’2006
Time: 6 P.M.
Venue: Zoo – Narengi Tiniali.

JEC Graduates present:
1. Vikramjit Kakoti,
- 59, Srimantapur, Guwahati –7
- C/o Sarat Rajkhowa, F Lane, Milan Nagar, Dibrugarh - 3
- Ph. 9854125091

2. Amarjyoty Sarmah
- Beside BSNL Colony, Lichubari, Jorhat – 8
- 29, M.C. Road, Chenikuthi, Guwahati - 3
- Ph. 9864094600

3. Arnab Jan Deka
- 28, Balighar, Pub Sarania LP School, Guwahati - 7
- Ph. 9435044503


The discussion was initiated by Mr. Vikramjit Kakoti by stating that he has been operating an website containing database of Ex JEC students (JEC Graduates) for last several years by spending a huge amount of money from his pocket. But recently the domain name was sponsored by Mr. Abyartha Sarmah (Dabu) of Canada and Anshuman Sarmah of ONGC, Bombay High. He proposed that this database and the networking for the last few years could be gainfully utilized if a formal organization of JEC Graduates could be formed as an independent and international NGO.

Mr. Amarjyoty Sarmah briefed about his experiences as the General Secretary of JEC IMAGE 2003, which was initiated through Internet and subsequently college authority was involved. But due to some unavoidable circumstance, the project got cancelled. However the experience gather in networking could be utilized if a new initiative is undertaken for unification of all the already enlisted JEC Graduates as well as newly included members in an international level body. During these organizational matters as the general secretary he also had to spent considerable amount of money.

Mr. Arnab Jan Deka said that, he has been introduced to this initiative in the year 2002 by another USA based enthusiastic JEC Graduate Mr. Vavani Prasad Sarmah, who proposed Mr. Deka’s name as Magazine and JEC Alumni Directory Editor. Subsequently he was introduced to many enterprising JEC Graduates both senior and junior from all over the world through Internet groups. The networking with like minded JEC Graduates started from there on are still continuing till date. As such outlets are still open to start new exercises among JEC graduates to form an world level body in the shape of an NGO

After thread bear discussion among the three persons present, it was decided to organize a formal meeting in Guwahati, within a short period of time among the available JEC Graduates to form a committee and also prepare and adopt a constitution of the proposed NGO.

It was also decided to accomplish the following agenda on a priority basis: -

1) To organize a state level convention of JEC Graduates within April 2006 and a Global Meet of JEC Graduates by December 2006

2) To keep and maintain a website of this proposed NGO to be amalgamated with the presently maintain website being maintain by Mr. Vikramjit Kakoti

3) To regularly publish a periodic Newsletter containing all kinds of information and personal achievement of JEC Graduates as well as to publish an annual magazine and Directory of JEC Graduates.

4) To prepare the draft of the constituion of the proposed NGO and get it registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860.

5) Mr. Amarjyoty Sarmah has been nominated as the Convener of the proposed meeting and authorized to do all necessary works for that purpose.

After arriving at the above stated discussions unanimously the informal meeting was dissolved.


a) Amarjyoty Sarmah.
b) Arnab Jan Deka.
c) Vikramjit Kakoti.