High-level US posting for Assamese NRI(The Assam Tribune,03/09/2005)

Dr Goswami, currently the co-chairman of the US Physician’s Advisory Board and an advisor on Health Care Reforms is expected to play a key role in helping the President’s agenda and thereby maintain a pro-business majority in the US Congress. Working together with leaders of US Senate & Congress this Commission will also look into reducing the tax burden on small business, investigate the impact of illegal immigrants on businesses houses in the USA, formulate health care reforms, etc. and make recommendation to the President for introducing changes in legislature.

Dr Naba Goswami was given this extremely important and very prestigious assignment due to his unyielding support to the President coupled with his exceptional service to the Advisory council. He is originally from Uzanbazar, Guwahati and is currently practising Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Ohio, USA. He is expected to be awarded a certificate by the Presidential commission on September 21, 2005 at Washington DC.