Donate for the Assam flood victims


From: Mahesh C. Baishya
To: AssamNet
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 9:02 AM
Subject: Fw: ASSAM FLOOD

Dear Friends,

You aren't unaware about the unprecedented havocs caused by this year's flood in Assam. We have been reading in the Assam News papers about the unimaginabale plight of the people spending days living in the high grounds without a roof, food, drinking water,clothes. People are dying without medicines. People have lost everything & you can imagine what will be their plight even after the flood is over.For more information on Assam Flood, go to web page :

In oder to help those unfortunate people back home, we are making an "APPEAL" to all fellow friends of ours to donate money according their might.If you want to avail of the tax benefits of contributing through a non-profit organization you can make your check payable to either UOANA or IFAA or AFNA ( please write down in the memo section of your check : For ASSAM FLOOD VICTIMS).You can also pay by credit card (go to webpage : The money will ultimately be sent to one of the social organizations of Assam who has been doing a lot of social works for sometime. The name of the organization is "AAROHI". Below is a brief information of the organization:

This is a registered non profit socio-cultural, non profit, non political organization registered under the Registrar of Firms & Societies Act, Registration # 1843 of 1994-95.The official address is : Hatigarh Chariali, Zoo Narengi Road, Guwahati 781024.

They raise funds in various ways : by printing & selling cards specially make for this purpose free of cost by the renowned local artists,photographers on different subjects.

They also raise funds from the sale of tickets through the theatrical performances staged by the local renowned artists free of cost. Since 1995, three dramas have been staged : a. Pratyush (The Dawn) b. Aakyatan (The Beethoven of somebody's heart) c. German Sapun (A German Dream).

Street Plays : a. Muko Khaboloi Dia b. Jaboloi Thai Nai

Social Contributions : Financial Support to Basistha Blind School, Guwahati, Hepatitis B vaccine camp, Free health check-up.
The doctors in the club who held free health check-up camps, distributed medicines collected free from the Pharmaceutical Companies, clothes bought from the donations in the different flood affected areas of the State in the past as well as now.

Please mail the check of your generous contribution to the address :

Mahesh Baishya,
4571 Mangrove Drive,
CA 94568-7541.