Defending collective rights

On the other hand, the meaning of individual right is a mere abstract concept without any existence of anybody’s own state that means of a person under occupation or slavery. In real sense the existence of a preferred homeland is the foremost priority to preserve all other individual human rights of any people.

Within Indian occupation, searching for individual rights is necessarily same as searching the tortoise egg on the Mount Everest. The occupation government in the recent past endorsed forceful signature from the parents of the ULFA freedom fighters on a fabricated draft application where the content was designed to malign ULFA leadership as violator of individual human rights authenticated by a cause that ULFA leadership recruited the respective son and daughters of the parents without their consent.

Had it been nurtured logically it was a very simple argument to bounce back. ULFA maintains very strict criteria as far as its recruitment is concerned. It must be a voluntary one above the age of 18 years. Hence there must not be any scope of saying for anybody on behalf of an adult recruits. It depends on always the will of the recruits whether he or she joins the freedom struggle never it is of ULFA.

Indeed, it’s a provocation of objective situation created by Indian occupation who compelled thousand of young patriots to become guerrilla fighter instead of choosing a bright career. To fight for sovereignty of ones own motherland is taken for granted as a noble duty inside the human society. India has hijacked our collective rights of self-determination as well as all the individual human rights. We do believe that these are all childish acts of Indian government to cover up the reality as well as to malign ULFA in the international level. We have been uttering time and again that no forces could be able to scare in the determination of ULFA.

In an attempt, India has been trying to wedge hammer in between the leadership of the Central Committee of ULFA. It should be understood by even a person with mean intellectual capacity that the bond of the leadership of ULFA is cemented enough by the bond of fraternity to overcome any situation unitedly that may occur in the way of ongoing struggle that is already tested by the time. No fabricated propaganda or conspiracy can undermine the fraternal unity of the ULFA leadership.

Lasting solution of Indo-Assam conflict is possible only through political deliberation never with the help of conspiracy, fabricated propaganda and intimidation. We do hope that occupation India will return to the right track and help the people of Assam to determine their own political future formulating resolution of the ongoing conflict as soon as it is possible.

From: FREEDOM (Vol. 5, Issue 12, June 15, 2002)Published by ULFA.