Amerikar Oxomi published

This time we have rechristened it as "Amerikar Oxomi" to reflect that it is published from the Americas. The magazine will be distributed during
Assam 2003 in St. Louis. It is 62 pages long and has writings by youngsters and adults from around the US, and some from Assam.

There are essays, poems and fiction writings by young Assamese Americans on the pages of Oxomi. There are articles on linguisics, environmental issues related to Assam, Xatriya dance, public service topics, Assamese publications on the Internet and on preserving Assamese hand-written and illustrated manuscripts.

In addition, there is is a literary commentary, and several eclectic essays. Also, there is a short story by Mahim Bora translated into English and another short story. It also has several sketches of American scenes by an Assamese artist in the US.

The highlight of the issue is the inclusion of scanned pictures of an illustrated Assamese manuscript: Parijata Harana written by Srimanta Sankaradeva. The manuscript is from 1836. It has a large number of color paintings.

Please visit the Web site to look at the entire contents of Amerikar Asomi 2003.

The Editorial Board is composed of Jugal Kalita; Nomal Dutta, Englishtown, NJ; Satyam Bhuyan, Ames, IA; Caustoobh Bezbarua, Dallas, TX; and, Saurav Pathak, Philadelphia, PA. The cover was designed by Mahesh Baishya of Dublin, California.

Thank you for your time and interest. We are indebted to all our authors and readers.

Jugal Kalita
Colorado Springs CO 80917