Air-India to Commence Guwahati-Bangkok Flights from April 4, 2002

The flights will be operated with an A310 aircraft on the Mumbai-Kolkata-Guwahati-Bangkok-Kolkata-Mumbai sectors every Thursday and on the Mumbai-Kolkata-Bangkok-Guwahati-Kolkata-Mumbai sectors on Mondays.

AI-352/353 (on Thursdays)

Sector 			Departure	Arrival 
    			(Local Time) 	(Local Time)

Mumbai-Kolkata		0820 hrs.	1050 hrs.
Kolkata-Guwahati	1150 hrs.	1300 hrs.
Guwahati-Bangkok	1400 hrs.	1830 hrs.
Bangkok-Kolkata		1945 hrs.	2045 hrs.
Kolkata-Mumbai		2145 hrs.	0020 hrs.
AI-350/351 (on Mondays)

Sector 			Departure	Arrival 
    			(Local Time) 	(Local Time)

Mumbai-Kolkata		0800 hrs.	1030 hrs.
Kolkata-Bangkok		1130 hrs.	1530 hrs.
Bangkok-Guwahati	1645 hrs.	1820 hrs.
Guwahati-Kolkata	1920 hrs.	2030 hrs.
Kolkata-Mumbai		2130 hrs. 	0005 hrs (Tues)

Starting of these flights will open a new gateway for Assam and other North Eastern States as it would not only provide direct flights to Bangkok, but also connectivity to Air-India flights to Western destinations viz. UK, US, Europe and the Gulf from Mumbai.

Additionally, passengers after travelling to Bangkok will also be able to take Air-India
flights to Tokyo on the way out and Guwahati from Tokyo on the way in after a 24-hour halt.

The operation of these flights by Air-India will also provide additional capacity on the
Guwahati-Kolkata-Guwahati sector as also a direct service between Guwahati and Mumbai. Passengers wishing to travel from Guwahati to Mumbai or from Mumbai to Guwahati at present have to take a connecting flight from Kolkata.

Air-India will be undertaking an aggressive marketing campaign to promote this flight so
that it can lead to economic development of the North Eastern States in general and
Assam in particular.

The Assam Government has agreed to provide subsidies on landing and routes navigation charges as also on sales tax levied on ATF on the lines of the incentives offered by the Andhra Pradesh Government when Air-India commenced operations from Hyderabad to Singapore four years ago.

Guwahati, incidentally, will be the 12th point in India from which Air-India will commence operations. The other cities from where Air-India currently operates are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram.

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