Age of introspection is here

However, once they land at these big places, most of them forget those. The typical middle class mentality of getting rich quick takes them over after they see people of other ares and the locals. Boys do not attend college. Girls too are not left far behind. They become hip and modern and it shows in their attutude, way of talking, outlook and dresses. while it is common to see a girl wearing minis, smoking a cigarette and walking with her rich car owner boy friend's hands around her waist, it is also not uncommon to see her staying and spending the nights at the friend's place. There will be numerous live-in relationships.

Boys will not be left behind. They will do what age demands and smoking may be doping and sex is a order of the day. While it is nothing new and i have no comments to make on one's personal life and way of living,what pains is the total negligence of studies and other duties. These people have defamed the north east people totally. the image is that people from northeast do not study or work hard. They neither put in efforts to shine in their fields and nor do they spend their time constructively. This author has come across many a times girls and and boys who are barely adults smoking and loitering around. This is really a frightening sign.

There has to be concerned effort and a feeling of introspection on everyone's parts:the parents, the students as to why we are losing focus and why these things are happening.

I end with a happy note that many of our students are actually doing very well and they have shined in their fields winning lauerels. But as is the case most of the times, it is the black sheep who defames everyone and hence something needs to be done to improve our image and portray a good favourable one to the poeple outside. I think time is runing out and we should seriously think about channeling the energies of our youth to fruitful perposes and not let them go ashtray. It is these people who after their education in bigger more developed places can actually bring about a change in the underdeveloped places that they belong to.