“Rain rain com’ again”

Writing about the city she grew up in Park Hotel group’s Priya Paul recently said, “One has to be a Kolkatan to know how thrilling it is to wade through water-logged streets.” Well what would you say to that! Cause our own little small town further east that has now grown into a big boy has much more water on offer for its ever growing populace.

But with the wetty-wet season opening its doors for another bucketful show this summer are we Guwahatians that eager to welcome it to our daily chores or do most of us wish that ‘Ah if only the cool days could come back!’. I personally had wished so till the dust wind a few days back made me pray for instant rain. But the Ministry of Varun way up was in no mood to heed. He made us wait and wait till it poured endlessly throughout the day last week.

It was a nice relief from the dust and dryness that had crept us for so many days when the first few drops began pouring in. I was especially happy because this year I had made some plans to make use of the North Eastern downpour. There’s this little space behind our humble abode which was kept unused and had become more like a city dump. With four households throwing daily wastes there it was no place to wander around. I worked on it throughout the month to clear the waste and filled the place with fresh soil.

The dump that I was talking about now looked quiet a space, all it needed was some greenery to make the transformation complete. There was no way I could have done it without daily input of water which was not enough to wash even the dishes and laundry. My answer lied with the way of nature. And thanks to it tiny little greeny life forms have already appeared in the once filthy landmass. At the same time just outside the fore walls the road had become a mess with mud n watery potholes. A little more rain and to reach Bhanagarh I have to take my shoes off n lift my trousers to the limits every morning.

So what do u say, should I love the rain or hate it. I would not say that I like the routine of wading through the cocktail of rain-drain smelly liquid but than there are special feelings attached to it as well. By the way tell me first have you ever done that, well its no usual walk let me assure you because unless you manoeuvre in a particular way you end up spending more time knee deep. I myself took some time to learn the trick of walking slowly and moving the leg in a curve to cross the water world with the least effort. It may not be the classy Park Street that Ms Paul used to cross from Loreto House, but than the fun is as good down here if you just let yourself melt into the downpour without thinking much.

There are really many good spots around the town for you to hit and I believe your own backyard provides ample opportunities during the rains to have some fun with the wetty element. Why don’t try making a paper boat. Add a bit of personal touch by making a small river of a sort and be a little one once more with your kids. You will be surprised to see all your tensions float away along with the boat. It definitely is a good way to relax instead of spending the bucks on a new Samsung Bio (if you are planning to get one).

So get ready to hit the outdoors this summer as soon as the next drops fall and give ol Mahendra Duttas a break. Try karke to dekho…you’l love it. But I believe it won’t be a bad idea to open up just one in case of couples. –EOM-


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