‘Appeal’ by ULFA’s Chairman to the King of Bhutan

Indo-Bhutan joint massive army operation has been launched at the shelter camps of
ULFA along Indo-Bhutan border since the wee hour of December 15, 2003 that we term
as a totally illegal one.

Instead of a peaceful resolution of ongoing Indo-Assam conflict, India has still
pronouncing its abstinence on behalf of a military solution what is proved already
as a barren instrumentality.

We do here by request the Royal Government of Bhutan to recall the account of memoir
concerning the bilateral talks between His Majesty and The Chairman of ULFA and the
same with the Chief of Staff of ULFA.

Again , we, the both peoples of Assam and Bhutan have decided on our friendship,
fraternity and good neighborhood since the non-existence of modern political system
overcoming all evil designs engineered in fits and starts by different reactionary

Henceforth, Bhutan as a sovereign state should not coincide with any conspiracy of
hegemonic India irrespective of any demands or provocation and should abstain
herself from being a hand of Indian military in the way of taking innocent lives
noncombatant women children and elders.

Whereas, ULFA has been taking temporary refuge inside the geographical territory of
Bhutan considering the prevailing circumstances of Indo-Assam conflict that isn’t
necessarily either tantamount to defy the sovereignty of Bhutan or any violation of
international existing law.

We do assure that there shall be no extra-legal presence of ULFA since the next
moment of resolution of the Indo-Assam conflict.

The joint engagement of Royal Bhutan Army with Indian counterpart is seemed to be
definitely against the wisdom of both the peoples and it is going to be working out
for an apolitical unending fratricidal conflict of no use sufficient to shear the
historic tie of both peoples developed even before the birth of word \\"India\\";

Wherein, India shall only be the only winning party at the cost of our fraternity,
historic relationship and above all good neighborhood.

So, ULFA does hereby earnestly appeal to cease all those activities that might get
in the way of our legitimate struggle, our fraternity, and historical bondage.

Thank You.

With regards.

The Chairman,

United Liberation Front of Asom.