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Following the encouraging performance of candidates of Assam in the 2008-09 UPSC Civil Service Examinations it is seen that more and more bright students of Assam are having a go at the UPSC examinations. The students already studying in places like Delhi are at an advantage because of the existing Civil Service culture there.

The students of Assam who does not have the opportunity of staying outside the state for realizing the goal should not lose heart. Gauhati University has the Department named Pre-Examination Training Centre (PETC) where there are some facilities for IAS aspirants. The main attraction of the PETC from this session (2009-10) has been the extensive coaching for the optional Mains paper in Assamese. It is to be noted that the success percentage of candidates of UPSC Mains Exam who had Assamese as an optional has traditionally been high. However there were no formal coaching facility for the subject in the past.

In addition, the PETC also has coaching facilities for General Studies (Prelims and Mains) and Essay (Mains). There is a rich collection of books and journals in the PETC along with high speed internet facility for IAS candidates. Currently there is a batch of about 15 very motivated and bright individuals at the PETC. To do justice to their talent and motivation the PETC needs collection of more learning aids like study materials from reputed IAS coaching centres of Delhi like Vajiram and Ravi, Rau's etc. It is officially not possible. However, if anyone comes forward to donate (used or new) study materials of IAS Prelims and Mains from reputed institutions to the PETC then it would benefit scores of underprevileged IAS aspirants from the region.