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Eastern Fare Music Foundation had its inception in the year 2007. It is a Bangalore based Music Production House. In today’s date there are half a dozen institutes for Music Education of this Foundation all over the city of Bangalore with over 500 (five hundred) students and a Recording Studio. It started with the perseverant efforts of Jim Ankan Deka, an expertise in the field, noted for his contribution to Assamese, Hindi and Kannada music industry . Mr Deka has been involved with music for more than two decades now. An alumnus of Don Bosco, Guwahati, Mr deka has been composing Music for various Films, Music Albums, Jingles, Video Games, Documentaries and serials and a array of languages including Assamese, Hindi, English, Kannada, Nagamese, Mizo as well as "Goalporia Folk Songs".He has been involved with Bands like Fossils, Voodoo Child, Prahar, Four Strokes etc.

In the year 2007, Jim Ankan ventured into yet another fascinating area of Music i.e., Music Instruction. He single-handedly opened the Eastern Fare Music Foundation. Currently this institute guides nearly 500 hundred students, with a total staff of over 20 Teachers in various Musican genres and instruments.
Eastern Fare undertakes projects for composing, arrangin, editing and mastering of Music. They provide facilities to support and guide upcoming Musicians and Bands. They have been helping and teaching many aspiring musicians from North-East India for free who are working in Bangalore.
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