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Protalk ULFA Submitted Charter of Demands to Prime Minister

The protalk ULFA met the Chief Minister of Assam and submitted the Charter of Demands to the Prime Minister through him. These was revealed in a press meet attended by protalk ULFA leaders Mrinal Hazarika, Prabal Neog and Jiten Dutta in Guwahati. The Charter of demands contains 18 demands which is highlighted by the protalk ULFA.

Charter of Demands


1. Full autonomy within the framework of Indian constitution.

2. a) In Assam Legislative Assembly, 70% of seats to be kept reserved for the indigenous people.

Momai Tamuli Barbarua Award with Achievements of Assam Horticultural Show-2009, Tezpur

Assam Horticultural Show-2009 (15th State Level Horticultural Show) held at Nehru Maidan, Tezpur from Jan 30 to Feb 3/2009 was unique in the north bank of Assam and highly successful with (a) an full-fledged Exhibition of 60 Stalls of Nurseries, Bio-input producers,& Technology Stalls from NEDFI, National Bamboo Mission,Defence Research Laboratory, Farm Machinery Training Centre, Dr Gunaram Khanikar's Moving Lab of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Etc, (b) Competitions of Flowers, Vegetables & Horticultural products decorated aesthetically with more than 500 participants including MOMAI TAMULI BARB

North East Agri - Fair 2009, at College of horticulture and forestry, Pasighat

College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat is organizing North East Agri Fair & National Symposium on “IPM Strategies to Combat Emerging Pests in the Current Scenario of Climate Change” from 28th -30th January, 2009.
The NE Agri-Fair 2009 is being organized during January 28-30, 2009 to show-case recent developments in Agriculture and Allied sectors to the people of NEH Region, in general, and farming community in particular, by bringing together all the stakeholders under a single umbrella.


3E City Chapters in Assam to Unleashing Creativity for Innovative Growth

You are aware that development of Creativity requires a systematic approach and mentoring of professional. All of us want to be creative in nature by instinct but generally look for some kind of short cuts to achieve it. Your support and participation will help them to counsel the student community and encourage them to take the path of development through the systematic practice of the same and encourage the parents to support their child for bringing out the in born geniuses among each child.

First Assamese Online Discussion Forum

We're very happy to say that we the has just published it for all the fellow of Assamese people and also for all the users of who like Assamese to read or write and for those people who really want to make live Assamese Language in the Internet. We've noticed that Assamese Language has ignored from the Internet and also ignored by all the Search Engines. Our main motto of this invention is only to make live our language Assamese in the Internet and let the world see that still millions of people like Assamese language to read and write.

Assam & Neighbors

It is not clear how the name Assam came into existence. The name "Assam" may be derived from the Sanskrit term "Asom" that means unparalleled, or one with no equal. The term "Asom" in Sanskrit also means undulated or uneven. The rugged nature of the land of Assam may also be a reason for her name. In addition, the Ahoms ruled Assam for six hundred years till the early part of the 19th century.

Principal Rivers in Assam

(lengths within the borders of the state; Units are in miles (kilometers)

Brahmaputra  435 (700)
Burhidihing    223 (360)
Danshiri (South)  219 (352)
Subansiri  198 (318)
Kopili  185 (297)
Dihang  163 (263)
Disang  142 (230)
Dikhou  124 (200)
Lohit  119 (192)
Puthimari  118 (190)
Kalang  106 (171)
Manas (Main)    95 (153)
Jinjiram   89 (143)
Dikrang   83 (134)
Kulsi   76 (122)

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National Forests and Sanctuaries

(Areas in square miles (kilometers))

Kaziranga National Forest 241 (624)
Manah Sancutary 151 (390)
Sonai-Rupai Sanctuary 68 (175)
Nameri Sanctuary 53 (137)
Orang Sanctuary 28 ( 72)
Laukhowa Sanctuary 27 ( 70)
Pabha Sanctuary 19 ( 49)
Barnadi Sanctuary 10 ( 26)
Pabitora Sanctuary 6 ( 16)
Garampani Sanctuary 2.3( 6)

Animal Count in the Kaziranga National Forest (as of 1984)

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City Distances in Assam

Distances of principal towns and cities from Guwahati (Units are miles (kilometers):
Barpeta 87 (140)
Dibrugarh 275 (443)
Diphu 168 (271)
Dhubri 180 (290)
Goalpara 93 (150)
Golaghat 179 (288)
Haflong 178 (287)
Jorhat 191 (308)
Karimganj 210 (338)
Kokrajhar 147 (236)
Lumding 139 (224)
Mangaldoi 42 ( 68)
Marigaon 48 ( 78)
Nagaon 76 (123)
Nalbari 44 ( 71)

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Proverbs and Assamese Proverbs

A proverb is a short saying that conveys commonly held ideas in a certain culture. It can express a prevalent moral or a generally accepted observation about life based on experience. Proverbs are related to other phenomena in folk literature such as riddles and fables. They are all part of the oral tradition of a linguistic or cultural group. Examples of proverbs in English are:

Boneless Tongue of Assamese Proverbs

One of the best sources of information of the conditions prevailing in the country during the days of the Raj has been the books written by British administrators posted in India, some in areas that were remote and unexplored. The North East has been one such area. Though the region came under the British umbrella later than other parts of the Indian subcontinent, the British officers took keen interest in Assamese culture and society and wrote delightful accounts of their stay there.

Education in Assam


For a state secluded in the far eastern corner of India, Assam has come a long way in the education of it's youth. The state has excellent English medium schools, Arts and Science Colleges, and Engineering and Medical Colleges. The most recent additions in the state's educational infrastructure, are the Indian Institute of Technology at Guwahati, and the Two Central Universities. These institutes are among the very best facilitated in the nation.

Assamese People and Their Culture

The population of Assam is a broad racial intermixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. The hilly tracks of Assam are mostly inhabited by the tribes of Mongolian origin. This broad racial intermixture is the native of the state of Assam, called their language and the people ``Asomiya'' or ``Assamese'' which is also the state language of Assam.

History of Assam

From 4th Century B.C. to the Present Assam pioneered the writing of history in the Indian subcontinent. The Ahom kings were meticulous in recording history in hand-written tomes called buranjis.

The early history of Assam is obscure, although there are numerous references in the Mahabharata, the Puranas, the Tantras to a great kingdom known as Kamrup that encompassed the Brahmaputra Valley, Bhutan, Cooch Behar, and the Rangpur region in eastern Bengal.