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Zubin to Perform in Assam 2007!

In Assam, Zubin is a superstar and he has performed
for years in all parts of the state and has sung in
numerous movies and albums. Who hasn’t heard songs
like “Maya” and “Anamika”? Or "Kokal Khamusia",
"Xobdo" and "Mukti"?

One of the things that make Zubin a great singer is
his wide range of songs he can sing beautifully---from
Lokogeet, Borgeet, Bihu, zikir, Assamese modern songs
to Bollywood songs. He is omnipresent in Assam's
cultural scene at this moment.

Singer and composer in one, Zubin has recently risen
to stardom in Bollywood as well. He has already sung

In Support of Quality Higher Education in Northeast -Dr Uma Kanta Sharma

No doubt, it is a matter of pride for us but it is further observed that socio-economic progress in India is not directly proportional to the vast educated and trained manpower. There is lack of value-based education in the higher institutions. Add to this fact that rural sectors are given less priority for socio-economic development. As a matter of fact, the proportion of our population in the relevant age group (17-21) that enters the world of higher education is only about 7 per cent.

Meenakshi Chivulka received degree from Duke University

Duke President Richard H. Brodhead presided over the ceremony in the university’s Wallace Wade football stadium and General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner delivered the commencement address.

The following local student was among those to receive degrees:

Meenakshi V. Chivukula
Medfield, Massachusetts (USA)
Bachelor of Arts, International Comparative Studies

Daughter of Suresh and Lakhimi Chivukula of Medfield, Massachusetts.
Grand daughter of Smt. Komol Kumari Baruah (social worker) and the late Sri Hem Chandra Baruah of Jyotinagar, Guwahati.

In Support of an Engineering College at Dhemaji- Dr Uma Kanta Sharma

India is a vast country and the Government of India should take steps cautiously so that not a single State is deprived of getting equal opportunities. But some sort of disparity is seen in case of northeastern States. The people of this region have to raise their voice for fulfilment of some basic demands like higher technical institutions, new universities, engineering colleges etc — but their cries never bear fruits. The question is: Why this disparity?

ILLEGAL immigration of BANGLADESIS into ASSAM - IB Secret Report to GOI.

A. The problem of illegal immigration:

The number of illegal immigrants into Assam from Pakistan (now Bangladesh) over the course of last 12 years (Since 1953) has been very conservatively estimated at about 2,50,000. Local unofficial estimates, however put the figure even higher. The fact that such a large number of immigrants succeeded in illegialy crossing the frontier and settling down unnoticed would prove that the measures so far taken have not been effective.

Weaving magic on silk (The Telegraph ,21.06.07)

But few know that the Lower Assam town of Sualkuchi gets most of its cocoons from Dhemaji district in Upper Assam, which produces nearly three crore cocoons every year. Of these, most are sent to Sualkuchi, which is also known as the Manchester of the East. But Dhemaji itself has skilled weavers who can create magic on silk.

The aesthetic designs by the Mising tribe have become popular in and outside the state. However, silk growers have not been able to grab the available market due to a lack of exposure.