Assam Society of America

Address: PO Box 158 Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Year Established:1973

Asom Sangha or Assam Society of America is the oldest Assamese organization in the USA. It was informally organized in the 1960s in the New York-New Jersey area of the United States. This is because most early immigrants to the USA from Assam had settled in this area. A large percentage of the older Assamese people in the USA at the current time had lived in this area one time or another. Asom Sangha was formally created in 1973 when an executive committee was elected and a President, a Vice-President and a General Secretary took office. In most other parts of the USA, the number of Assamese people were minuscule and a need for local or national organizations was not felt. Asom Sangha held picnics, Bohag Bihu and Bhogali Bihu celebrations. It also organized Sankar Deva Tithis in the Fall. The annual meetings were held in various parts of the Northeast, namely in the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In 1981, it adopted a constitution and decided to adopt an English name, Assam Society of America, in addition to its Assamese name. Starting 1990, its annual conventions have been in held in various parts of the USA. It has undertaken many charitable activities such as giving scholarships to students in Assam, "adopting" children in Assam, donating books to Assam's colleges and universities. ASA has chapters in various parts of the US although ASA did not start creating chapters till the late 1980s.