Zubin to Perform in Assam 2007!

In Assam, Zubin is a superstar and he has performed
for years in all parts of the state and has sung in
numerous movies and albums. Who hasn’t heard songs
like “Maya” and “Anamika”? Or "Kokal Khamusia",
"Xobdo" and "Mukti"?

One of the things that make Zubin a great singer is
his wide range of songs he can sing beautifully---from
Lokogeet, Borgeet, Bihu, zikir, Assamese modern songs
to Bollywood songs. He is omnipresent in Assam's
cultural scene at this moment.

Singer and composer in one, Zubin has recently risen
to stardom in Bollywood as well. He has already sung
popular numbers in Bollywood movies like Kaante,
Gangstar, Fiza, Pyar Ke Side Effects, Strings, Ek
Hashina and already has a number of super hits under
his belt like "Ya Ali".

Zubin is going to perform on Saturday (June 30th) and
Sunday (July 1st) during the Assam 2007 event.

We cordially invite you all to be a part of this
event. For more details please visit www.Assam2007.

Organizing Committee, Assam 2007