Years of hope, honor and sincerity

Despite the critical evaluation of our past struggling moments and related events through the sieve of right and wrong, up and down, gain and lost, martyrdom and capitulation, ULFA reconfirms its sincerity towards the great cause at the very eve of 2003.

Occupation India probably did not left any unturned stone as far as strategy and tactics are concerned to make the days of ULFA numbered. It was neither the deep jungle nor the sophisticated armory helped ULFA to keep alive the great cause but the inspiration of the people, sacrifices of the hero martyrs and the sincerity of the existing members. We would like to acknowledge ourselves that no power of occupation India will be sufficient to stain our sacred cause in future. It is already time tested by the India itself.

Indeed, a saturated ULFA inside 23 years of glorious struggle does care a little towards so-called intensive army offensive, yellow propaganda, brutality and so forth. ULFA will revitalize its struggle in the wake of past experiences and according to the demand of new days.

Conversely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our door to enter for a peaceful political solution has been closed. But before peeping towards a negotiation table occupation India must conform to our already set preconditions. These are the guarantee clauses to up-keep our hope, honor and sincerity.

In practice, we have been visualizing dishonor and insincerity from the part of occupation India that have been shattering our hope for a peaceful resolution of the Indo-Assam conflict every moment. For example, India government even fails to accomplish the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the erosion-affected people of 28 villages of Rohmoria! Our preconditions are germinated from such type of hundreds of cheating and insincere examples set by occupation India in the name of tackling problems.

Occupation India has been now trying to drench the unique society of Assam with Indian water and in consequence the name of our legendary heroes and unique cultural elements are forcefully amalgamated along with the tailpiece of Indian historical and cultural events to fulfill the evil desire. At the very eve of 2003, ULFA urges the conscious society of Assam to check such Indian activities. All these strategies are zeroed in to stain our great cause. We do hope that constructive criticism and hearty inspiration of the people will provide us the strength necessary to overcome all the Indian cunning strategies and brutal tactics in the coming days.

From: FREEDOM, volume 7 Issue 1, January1, 2003 by ULFA