Why North - Eastern States and History didn't get Respect in our CBSE Books.

We know our people, culture, it’s rich heritage, and different community or tribes which all are part of Assam (our Mati). They may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddha, or others. All they have their own identity, faith, respect, and culture. They all are son of this soil (Assam). But, in our school or collage books, there is hardly mansion about culture, civilization, history, and people. Hay, I am not talking about the Assam education board or syllabus under seba. I am talking about the cbse or other states of school or collage education syllabus. Out of Assam or North – East, when we talk some people from other states. They ask some horrifying question. But, they didn’t ask any question related to other states people or students. The reason is simple because they know everything about their state or people.
Now days, some organization come forward to do something for North – East. Recently in Delhi an organization name khotta Association organize a festival to promote the culture and literature of North East. And In coming days, an organization name Arunoday, a pune based society for development of art, culture and tourism of North-East India will host ‘confluence 05,’ a festival to light up the region. A two-day North –East festival has been organized on May 14 and 15. The main event will take off in November. In this festival on May 14 two Assamese films will be screened (Aparoopa or Agnisnan). But here something I want to know all of you that the president of this organization is not from Assam or North- East. He is a Maharastrian, Lt. Gen. (retd) D. B. Shekatkar. But, I have a question that someone is doing to bridge the information gap between the other parts of the country to this region. And our people, me and you doing nothing for the region. We know Shivaji Maharaja because of people of Maharastra, Maharaja Rana Pratap because of people of Rajasthan, Guru Gobind Singh and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh because of people of Punjab. But, What for Assam or North –Eastern States. I don’t no. If I don’t know, then what about others people who belong to other states of India.

Please think about it !