Technical Education in Assam

Myself an alumnus of the Assam Engineering College. You would be surprised to see that this 50 years old college does not have its own boundary wall. Students and even most of the faculty members are not aware about the boundaries of the campus. This has resulted in encroachment of the college land from all possible sides. The scenic beauty, the pleasant academic environment of the college campus is deteriorating everyday. The day does not seem to far when all these shall lead to unavoidable and most unpleasant situations.

The Golden Jubilee of the college has been celebrated in two phases since last January. One more phase, the last phase is yet to come. But nothing concrete has yet been achieved. Apart from few cultural programs, 4-5 lecture series, 4-5 grand dinners, nothing have been achieved. Yes it is true that few of our hostels got new coats of paints. But is that enough? The road the was repaired last December before the first phase has started deteriorating after the first shower of rain this year. Whom can we say responsible for this?

I appeal to all Alumni, Staff, Students, Concerned Authorities and Well wishers to please come forward and do something. Can we all first have our proper campus, the campus which we can say as our... the campus which shall have proper environment for the students. Let this be the FIRST STEP.


Ritu Parna Hazarika (2005 batch)
Graduate Trainee Engineer (PRD-FP),


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