Seeking articles for Asomi, to be published on July 4, deadline: June 10 or 20

We are in the process of bringing out the yearly magazine Asomi, published by Assam Society of America. This year, the magazine will be distributed in Assam 2003 to be held on July 4 and 5.

Articles on any topic of interest to Assamese readers in North America are requested. Articles can be either in Assamese or English. The articles should be short, 500-750 words. Please send your articles to Jugal Kalita at < a href=""> Assamese articles must be neatly written, and scanned, and sent to Jugal Kalita by the 10th of June and no later. Articles in English must be typed either in text form or Microsoft Word and emailed by the 20th of June. We are inviting articles from around the world.

Thank you!

Jugal Kalita
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA