Sahitya Academy for Atulananda Goswami

Goswami, who was conferred with several prestigious awards before, is the best known for his works Hamdoipulor Jon (1966) and Namgharia. Born at Adharxatra in Golaghat district in 1935, Goswami came to limelight in the 1950s through magazines like Ramdhenu, Monideep, Prakash etc.

He was conferred with Katha award for Pogola Hati in 1992, while for Barud, he was selected for both Ambikagiri award and Kumar Kishor award. The first published story of Goswami, who worked with the State Finance Department, was Topolar Morom. It was published in Ramdhenu edited by Dr Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya.

Goswami also bagged Xahitya Xabha award for Namgharia, termed as one the most popular novels in Asomiya literature. Some of his works include Golpo, (1967), Rajpat (1976), Ashroy, (1993) Baidhob Bilap, (2004) Boliya Hati etc.

Talking to The Sentinel, the award-winning writer said, “It is a great pleasure for being recognised for my works. It’s a wonderful recognition for me. But it is greater pleasure when all my admirers, readers are encouraging me.”

(The Sentinel, 22.12.2006)