Ronglai Bihu Celebrations in Twin Cities

The refreshing rains has heralded spring in Minnesota in its most breathtaking way. The snow white robes and the frost candied grass are long gone, giving way to a perfect April month of spring. The assamese community of Minneapolis and St. Paul were very fortunate this year in celebarting Rongali Bihu in the midst of all the youthful greenery. Geeti and Prantor Bora were the wonderful hosts to this years bihu held at 'The Pointe', downtown St.Paul on April 16th 2005. It was a festive and a fun filled day with loads of good food, music and games. The growing assamese community in the Twin Cities and neighboring Rochester has made this year's bihu very special.

Our bihu celebrations got started with blessings from Mr. A.Sarma ( Pankaj's father) who also spoke on the richness and significance of our Bohag Bihu. The ladies sang" biswor chonde chonde" Our talented friends made the cultural program very engrossing and entertaining. On one hand were the traditional husori, bihu dance, borgeets, bihu songs, and on the other were the songs of Rafi and Kishore, modern Indian songs and dances, western classical songs and and a mesmerising break dance - in all a perfect blend of both the worlds. And to add to the revelry were the koutuks which made us all laugh to our hearts content! The little ones sang assamese songs which was a sweet treat to everyone. I think we all enjoyed the bihu toli like experience right here!

Equally fun were the games. The marble in a spoon race, tug of war and the carrom competitions were unbelievable fun. Thanks to all the ladies who took great efforts in making the sumptous food. It was truly a treasure of exotic indian and assamese dishes.

The mood to go on with the celebrations was evident even after the long long day! We concluded the evening with O Mur Aponar Dex and with lot of good moments to cherish our bihu celebrations came to an end.

Thanks to everybody for coming, participating and taking part in this fun event.

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by Sabina Zeenat onm AsamNet