Rongali Bihu at IIT, Kharagpur

The participation of some of the local people added more colour to the celebration.

The president of the 'Axomiya Xomaj' of IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Khanindra Pathak, in his address said, “Though we are far away from our home-land, our heart flies to Assam whenever we hear the sounds of 'dhol-chapori'”.

The celebration was a depiction of the cultural richness and diversity of Assam by the technology people. The cultural programme started with a children's chorus followed by a group ‘Jyoti Xangeet’ by the elders. Miss Anshu Agarwal and Twinkle Samanta enthrilled the audiences with their beautiful Bihu dance. Miss Mahesweta Dey of the campus danced to the tune of a ‘Rabidra Sangeet’. Mrs. Banashree Hazarika presented a 'Borgeet' accompanied by her husband Mr. Manoj Hazarika on khol. Mr. Thuleswar Nath presented some self-written poetry. Research scholars Mr. Niharendu Saha, Ashutosh Sarkar and Vinod Rowmuria presented some songs of the Bhupen Hazarika individually. The later also presented one Pulak Banerjee number ‘foolore meelate’ to cope with the new season. Miss Nabanita Das and Mrs. Kalyani Dutta gave voice to some Rabindra Sangeet. Mrs. Mili Mallik, a local artist was also felicitated on the occasion and she gave her voice to 'O abhimani bandhu'. She along with Mr. Ashutosh Sarkar also presented a Rabindra Sangeet.

The varieties cultural show reached its peak at the end with 'husori' composed by Dr.Pathak and followed by some popular number by Mr. Manoj Hazarika. The whole community hailing from Assam danced to the tune of Bihu songs.

The main attraction of the celebration was the delicious foods prepared by the ladies.

Vinod Rowmuria
IIT, Kharagpur