Rongali Bihu celebrated in Canada

The evening started off with a beautiful traditional Bihu dance performance by Rashmi Borbora followed by a welcome speech by the secretary, Prodip Bora, who took the responsibility of organising the function this year. The cultural programme was formally inaugurated with lighting of ‘saki’ by Ria Das and Debi Sarma turning up in traditional Assamese attire. Rishi Barkakati, who organised the cultural programmes and conducted the show, entertained everybody with his humorous ways and with his own magic show.

Naba Das refreshed memories of golden melodies of Assam when he beautifully played an Assamese song on his mouthorgan. His little daughter Ria Das too brilliantly performed a popular dance number. Siblings from Ottawa, Rashmi and Smita Borbora’s dance added to the charm of the show. Another entertaining contribution was by Dhritiman Hazarika and Madhuri Hazarika, who individually sang some beautiful Assamese and Hindi songs with excellent keyboard support by Rajib Barman. Little Priyakshi Mahanta chanted a cute prayer.

Krishna Borbora’s nicely played Assamese songs on keyboard attracted the audience. There was yet another excellent modern dance performance by Sanjukta Barkataki. The cultural programme concluded with a remarkable Bihu husori that stole the show. Saurav Dutta’s Bihu songs, Nubul Barua’s pepa, Mohesh Borbora’s dhol, Rajib Barman’s taal combined with Deepali Sharma and Sangeeta Dutta’s outstanding Bihu dance was the highpoint of the programme.

During the programme, new Assamese families and individuals attending their first Rongali Bihu in Canada were introduced. Naba Das and his family, Binu Hazarika, Bonney Barua, Kalyan Gohain, Rajib Barman, Mandir Panchanan, Kankana Khaund and Anil Sethi, Sanjukta Barkataki and newborn Ishan, Dhrub and Prishni were among the new faces. There was a special prize for the best couple in Assamese traditional outfit of the evening and that went to Prodip and Deepshikha Bora.

The evening started with mouth-watering home made snacks and delicacies prepared by most of the Assamese families and came to an end with a delicious Indian dinner organised by Asom Sangha.

(The Assam Tribune, 15/05/2005)