SOMEWHERE AROUND mid-1998 when Indipop was going through a bad phase, when Bhangra was the only thing which made money and when remixing only meant adding that predictable stereotyped `jhankar\\' beats, one album which stood out was Jalwa.

It was a remix album — with a difference. Lesser-known Hindi film songs were treated by Jayanta Pathak, and the end result was a very energetic, groovy set of some 10 songs which rocked the music scene and for the first time, discos in the country actually grooved to a Hindi song called Yeh Hai Jalwa.

A couple of years later, a sequel of Jalwa was released and this saw the success being repeated with Raat Baaki, Makossa and a very folksy Dhagala Lagli Kaala. Jalwa-2 also included a second version of the same song with loads of attitude thrown into it.

The following year saw the trend of professional DJs remixing songs? With DJ Aqeel coming out with Shake It Daddy and Tu Hain Wohi which have been hugely successful.

Bombay Vikings made a comeback with Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye and UMI-10 created quite an impact with Kaliyon Ka Chaman.

But now that Jalwa-III (Times Music; CD Rs. 195, Cassette Rs. 65) has been released, it goes to show how true it is to its name — remix madness, literally.

The first single this time has been arranged and performed by Leslie (`Colonial Cousins\\') Lewis. Hai Re Hai Tera Goongta makes an impact in the first hearing itself, thanks to its infectious solid beats and a voice coder effect.

The video of this track is impressive as well. Surprisingly, Jalwa-III features more than one DJ in a single album and we get to hear Jayanta Pathak and Leslie Lewis.

The second track is a very impressive reggae-style mix of Baar Baar Dekho originally featured in the film China Town.

It begins with a rap sequence which continues throughout the song and the rhythm has a hint of La Bamba which somehow tends to form a picture of a summer beach in your mind.

And Then He Kissed Me is a track which was originally sung by a trio of girls who called themselves `Models\\' and some years back, they released an album with a lead song that went Jaana Hai Humko Bollywood.

The sound effects are terrific, we have another of those folk songs called Navin Popat. Discovered and re-arranged by Jayantha Pathak, this one is rustic and energetic.

Hass Hogia is `bhangra\\' minus the loud beats. Soft `dholak\\' accomplishment and a pleasant rhythm flow make this song stand out as well.

With new-age remix albums like this one becoming the latest trend in the Indipop scene, one may tend to wonder what happened to those golden days where original songs, apart from film soundtracks, caught the fancy of listeners.

It looks like our answer would be, `We don\\'t want no originality!

We want music we can groove and shake a leg to, music which blows our minds and energises us.\\" Long live remixing!

- Priyanka