Rare Bamboo Species of N.E in endangered state

However inherent geological instability, coupled with human pressure beyond the carrying capacity has led to a rapid loss of habitats and genetic diversity landslides and soil erosion causing envirnmental degradation, says Dr K.A. Singh Joint Director ICAR research Complex, for N E H Research for NEH Region Arunachal Pradesh Centre, Basar in AP.

Dr Singh says that Asian continent is the richest in Bamboo diversity and contains 900 species belonging to 65 genera and among them 125 species belonging to 23 genera are available in India making it the richest bamboo growing country after China.

Speaking to utility of bamboo he informed that bamboo among grasses is regarded as emperor of grasses .It is used in construction of houses for million of families and gives practical solution for low cost houses. It can be used for modern utensils handicraft and food soups etc. He has recently released a book named Resource Management Perspective of Arunachal Agriculture which contains in details of natural wealth , agriculture, livestock resources in particular.

(source North East times.)