PYROKINESIS \\'06- A cultural cum technical fest of AEC, Guwahati on 17 feb \\'06

Pyrokinesis will be constituted of two section the cultural and technical. In the cultural section Rock competition will be held , a reknown rock band \\"JAL\\" from Pakistan is expected to perform for the student of Assam Engineering College in Particular and the other student Community of Guwahati in general.

Where as Technical section will see Seminar, and the technical ability of the student from various technical institute and colleges of the region. Dashing hot game competition will also be organised. A huge amount is spent every year to make it a grand success. This time however the amount which will be spending is expected to be much more compare to all the other Pyrokenisis held earlier to make it much more..

\\"This time we are expecting Pyrokenisis\\'06 will another extravaganza of the year in the events of the city\\" says Mr. Manash Chaliha , an 8th semester student of the college, who are responsible for organising the aforesaid event