A professional Dance Unit named BHANGIMAA

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly we convey our heartiest regards to you. We’re JAYANTA BHAGAWATI & PRANAMI SARMAH BHAGAWATI, the couple of Indian Classical (Kathak & Contemporary) Dance.

We hold a professional Dance Unit named BHANGIMAA. Though we belong to the field of Indian Classical Dance, we also believe in developing the finest quality of Creative & Contemporary Dance styles and shape it into a fusion mood. Enclosed here with is a fusion dance gesture along with a German Ballerina; this was held at different places of Germany like The Old Church Ruin, The Indian Embassy, Obersberg, etc. We also performed together this project of blended choreography of German Brass Band & Indian Classical Dance both in India & Germany.

We’ve given several Duet & Group Dance performances in & outside India. Last year, we were invited for a Duet performance in Dubai for celebrating the Spring Festival, organized by the Assamese people society (Asom Somaj – Dubai). Though BHANGIMAA is a dance unit, we also arrange a total Dance & Musical show on demand.

We also conduct workshops, seminars, Lecture Demonstrations, etc. with other dance institutions to give an outlook to our culture and tradition.
On behalf of BHANGIMAA, I PRANAMI SARMAH BHAGAWATI, assure you that we’ll provide the audiences a high range of festive & musical fragrance through our performance.


Chief Secretary
Email: pranamisarmahbhagawati@yahoo.co.in