Private varsity for technical education (The Sentinel,08.03.2007)

While introducing the Bill, Education Minister Ripun Bora said that the two engineering colleges set up in the State were totally inadequate to cater to the growing need of students in the State, and the existing capacity of technical education in the State for degree as well as diploma courses was significantly lower than the national average. “HRD Minister Arjun Singh suggested that the State Government should plan for expanding the capacity under technical education to bring it at par with the national level at least by the end of 11th Plan period,” Bora said, and added: “Taking these in view, the Education Department scanned steps taken by States in this direction in the post-Chattisgarh Private University judgement by the Supreme Court. Rajasthan and Haryana enacted private university legislation in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and taking these legislation as a guideline, the Assam Private University Bill-2007 has been introduced.”

The Sentinel,08.03.2007