Present/Past ARBian (3rd mess) meet at Cotton College

As a part of the management committee, I cordially invite all ex-ARBians to be present in this congregation which is expected to be populated by all well-known ARBians and Cottians of past/present. We are expecting a lot of fun, cultural programmes and of course nostalgia. It will an oppurtunity to meet our old buddies and those big names who were ARBians and whom we always wanted to meet. The meet is scheduled for 20th May.

People who wants to know more can kindly contact on this id's:

Ashique Zaaman ( phone : (091-0361-519252) Biplab Das ( phone : (091-0361-690763/475746)

Any ex-ARBian or any person reading this mail who might know an ex-ARBian is kindly requested to inform about this programme. It will be a great help in bringing this branch of the Cotton family under the same roof, on the same ground again, even if for a few golden moments.

Memories lies not in years but in moments.....

Biplab Das
An ex-ARBian (1995-97)
IIT Guwahati