"People who have never written a book become President of Sahitya Sabha"

Mamoni Raishom GoswamiGoswami, who was also one of the candidates for the post this year, told in front of a gathering in Barpeta that the politics in the Assam Sahitya Sabha has extended to the core of the literary organisation. 'I feel very bad when they termed me as 'outsider' for the post of the Sabha's President. Dr Hiren Gohain has even called me a 'Bangladeshi Author'! If people like them want the post, then its all right. They are respectable people. But I don't seem to understand why I have been dub as outsider.'

One of the state's most cherished and read Author Mamoni Raisom Goswami, while claiming that she has no aspiration to take such post, says, 'I am writer of the people. And I want to write books only for the people. The post of the President of the Assam Sahitya Sabha doesn't endorse that he or she is a great writer.' Referring to the recent election of the Sabha, she says, 'I heard that my name was in the first position for the post, which shows that many people belonging to the Sabha loves me. That is more rewarding for me then the post.'

'The love and respect bestowed upon me by the people of the state overwhelms me. Even receiving of the Gyanpith award is not bigger than the people's love. Replying to a question regarding the politics involved in the Sabha, Mamoni Raisom Goswami says, 'There are some writers who have never written a book in his entire life, and they becomes President of Sahitya Sabha. While there are people who lives outside the state and devotes their entire lives in writing books, have no place in the Sabha!'

www.assamlive.com/November 22