New Kid on the block: Babla

The cutthroat competition by Hindi and western music has failed to push Assamese music to the background. Though the young masses today prefer to sway to the zazzy and foot romping jingles of pop numbers yet Assamese music has survived and held its ground. Every day a star is born here and such a rising star is new entrant Babla Hazarika.

Music is a way of life for him, it pulsates in his life, his being and his very existence, the new kid in the booming world of Assamese music, Babla hails from a musically inclined family and therefore was destined to be a singer. Singing in school functions, he always harbored deep down in his heart the hope to make it big one of these days. But he knew that it was tough to succeed in a world steeped in competition and even tougher when you did not have a formal training to flaunt. But despite the drawbacks and the hurdles Babla held his ground and poured his heart into learning the nuances of the art of recording, which doubly served as his profession and allowed him to remain close to and surrounded by the harmonious notes of music.

It was in the year 1999 that he mustered enough courage to shed his misgivings and record a song of his own, thus resulted Mor Moromi his maiden song in an album called Sparsh. The album succeeded moderately and Babla was widely appreciated for his vocals. Savoring success albeit a small one Babla got the right boost added with advice from doting friends to cut an album of his own and so Jadoo happened.
“I have always been a bathroom singer” states Babla modestly. “Though I sang in college functions, I always dreamt of making it a profession one day”, he adds. He also quickly points out that “ Stardom is a long hazardous journey, I only wish that Jadoo succeeds in catching the audiences eardrums”.

A collection of modern Assamese songs Jadoo is a medley of various lilting tunes. “Jadoo is the result of our sheer hardwork and teamspirit. My co singer Kashmiri Saikia is a great girl with a great voice” he states.
The title song Jadoo is the main attraction of the album though the rest of the songs are sure to bowl one over with their novelty and variety.

Produced by Rukmizaan productions, the lyrics and tune have been rendered by lyricist Diganta Kalita while the music has been arranged by Lyton.

A video has already been made for the tittle track and the audiences have already gone ga ga over it. When asked about his future plans Babla states, “I have hopes of cutting another album but this time in Hindi”
Assam is a vast sea of budding talents, provided the right doses of exposure and means, there are numerous hidden Bhupen Hazarikas in our midst who are simply waiting to be tapped. Just as rising star Jubin Garg has carved a niche for himself in the Assamese music scenario we sincerely hope that Babla too steps in the ladder of success with the unravelling of the magic of his maiden album Jadoo.

- Rituparna Goswami Pandey