A Milestone Effort to bridge the gap between the NRA and the Assam Residents

I am just putting forward a humble experience of mine. I advised and suggested to my friend in Philadelphia to initiate work on such a line. It has now materialised in an LLC as well as a proposed monthly magazine to be published both in english and assamese both from the USA and Assam simulataneously.
The mazine has been named in Assamese as - "Prabashar Prithibi" and in English as -- " Small world".

On his last visit to India in last October/2003, Mr Vavani Prasad Sarmah formally announced the launching of the magazine in a news conference.

The proposed magazine will work as a platform for both the Indian and Non-Resident Assamese community living all over the world and shall thrive to bring the whole community closer in the modern global village.
therefore, it is not difficult if one has the genuine interest and love for their motherland to find avenues to work and netwrok.
Through this letter I am particualrly askng all such fellow Assamese with true love and empathy for their motherland to start networking and assist us in bring out this magazine as the first step. If we are successful in this venture, then we may go for bigger venture in future.
All corresp0ondece may be addressed to the following address :

Er. Arnab Jan Deka, BE(civil), LL.B.
Editor, Prabashar Prithibi/Small world,
Balighar, Pub Sarania Hill side,
Near Pub sarania LP School,
Guwahati 781007