Magh Bihu celebrations in Delhi

A grand bihutoli was set up with elaborate tents at the Central Civil Services Sports Control Board playfields. This was the second straight year where the weather god did not play truant and the bright Sun providing succour to the cold bitten souls. More and more people are joining the festivities and ORKUT communities like Assamese in Delhi, Assam our Paradise etc. flashing news chains that drew hundreds into the field. The attendance was in excess of 1000 and the items of 'bhoj' (feast) exhausted by late afternoon. A gourmets delight with Assamese flavour was prepared throughout night with chefs toiling it out to churn out the tastiest tenga anja, bengon bhaja, mangshor curry etc. Ghila pitha, narikol laru, bundia bhujia, nimki were prepared to make the taste feel at home. A designer meji was erected with bamboo and firewood.

Early in the morning the Association's flag was hoisted by the President Bikash Chandra Bora, former CMD of ONGC and Lakshmi Nath Bezbarua's patriotic song "O Mor Aponar desh… O mor chikunir desh………", made the adrenalin gush through the veins of the Dillibasi Assamese..

At 11:30 the chief guest Sri Kanu Gohain, former General Secretary of the Association and current Director General of Civil Aviation lit the meji amid chanting of haridhwanis and uruli. Mah-prasad, got karai were offered to the revellers. An impromptu bihu dance broke out instantly with dancers appearing from nowhere and singers doling out heart-warming numbers. Thereafter Mr. Nripendra Nath Gogoi, former CMD of OIL India Ltd. released the "Samayik", the bi-annual news bulletin and magazine of the association. Samayik is the medium of communication among the members of the association and a means of cultivating the literary skills of the members. It is also a means of raising funds through advertisements. Miss Priyanka Das created a beautiful cover depicting the bhogali bhoj back home in the countryside.

The day is also celebrated as annual sports and competitions day. At 10:30 AM the childrens' painting competition was held. It was followed by various races for children, ladies musical chair, tekeli bhonga- a traditional game in Assam (breaking of earthen pot with a bamboo stick, while the person is blind folded), senior citizen's walk, Football between President's and General Secretary's team. All these games brought keen healthy competition, gamesmenship, laughter and fanfare and spirit of community feeling. A game of tug of war was played in the late afternoon between the Association and Luitporia boys

By 2:00 PM the games and sports were over. Food coupons against contribution were used to regulate fund flow and accountability. Food was laid out and people queued up in orderly manner for their turn. Post lunch a programme of Assamese songs was organized which was done on the backdrop of music by locally assembled band "Brahmaputra Rhythms". Gitimoni Hatikakoti, Angaraj Kakoti etc. rendered beautiful songs. Later a competition of "Biyanaam"- traditional marriage songs of Assam was organized. Quizzie Mr. Manimugdha Sarma conducted a quick quiz on Assam.

Who's is who of Assamese society in Delhi turned up. Chief Justice M K Sharma of Delhi High Court, Mr. Prodip Hazarila, MLA and former Minister of Assam, Smt. Hemoprabha Saikia with her family members and the regulars were present amidst the participants.

The celebration ended with a round ot tambola after the evening tea. It was another memorable year, and General Secretary; Manoj Kumar Das thanked all the sponsors who made the event possible through their generous contributions.

The participation is increasing day by day in this festival of harvest and declaring culmination of winter. More than that for the busy bees of Delhi, it's the annual opportunity to meet, network and exchange notes over the year, and everyone looks forward to that.

Delhi has an Assamese population nearing about 50,000 including floating ones. They are making their mark in all fields as keen and dependable professionals. Delhi is the favourite destination of the young Assamese seeking quality education and employment. The city's heterogeneous nature makes adaptation easier. With connectivity increasing tremendously, home is not very far. Young guys now flock Delhi even for jobs like security guards.

The current turmoil in Assam, had no effect on the celebrations.

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