Kaziranga Centenary Celebration

To celebrate a hundred years of outstanding Conservation work at KNP, the Kaziranga Centenary Celebration Committee organized a series of deliberation, debates, studies, exhibitions, elephant festival, ethnic food festival and International Seminar on natural tourism , man- animal co- existence , grassland Management, Avifaunal diversity and its conservation and vision Kaziranga beyond 2005.

On 12th Feb 2005 procession of fifty Asiatic elephant adds colour to Centenary Celebration s. The performance was witnessed by invited guest Maharani Gayatri9 Devi, elephant Queen Parbati Boruah, Mark Shand, the brand ambassador of Kaziranga, Lord Nicholas Revenden and Lady Ravenden the grandson of Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India.

On 1st June 1905 Kaziranga was preliminary notified as a reserve forest. In 1985 Kaziranga was declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

The Closing Ceremony of Centenary Celebration held on 17th Feb where Governor of Assam presents as chief guest. Governor released 12 points kaziranga charter which is taken from International Seminar conclusion for better management of Kaziranga’s greatest biodiversity.

Tarun Biswas. Bokakhat.