Interest business of occupation


Indian occupation of the last fifty years has already made all the bitter experiences available to the people of Assam. The two tiered occupation system is always used to create a shield in front of the Delhi regime with the help of local puppet government. In this classical process of occupation people herein Assam have been able to hear the sweet propaganda of development and prosperity from the puppeteer Delhi and seen all odds made up under the precise supervision of the puppet state government. Notably, the puppets are the collaborator no other than our own people. So, any protest against Delhi has been bound to screen through the wall of puppet state government. Ultimately, an inner contradiction always takes place when we try to resist occupation policy, which is most desired by Delhi regime always.

Economic subjugation is indeed the basic of all components necessary to define the Indian occupation as a pure colonial one. Indian occupation government has already implemented many master plans to develop Assam in its last fifty years of occupation owing to a mammoth debt of Rs 10,000 crores. On the other hand, nothing has been spared as far as exploitation of wanton resources has been accounted. The Indian economic planners provide only the sheet of economic plan and program to the state government and lend necessary money at the skyrocketed rate of interest. The occupied colonies of India have been facing another way of looting in the name of implementing the occupation master plan.
In the present moment, occupation India has been going to impose its Ninth Five Years Plan in Assam where it is directed that all the expenditures necessary for implementing the master plan must have to be generated by Assam itself. It will compel the puppet state government to borrow another Rs. 900 crores from occupation central government.

It is only a current example. The arithmetical proposition of exploitation will surpass the feudal system of ancient landlords. Hence, how it be possible for us to imagine the political sincerity of India in the way of resolving the ongoing Indo-Assam problem who possesses such type of sea-depth greed upon the wealth of Assam and even engaged in interest business keeping the people of Assam at the bay of plight subsequently fattening the Indian economic belly. We firmly believe nothing will be able to help except strongest possible resistance to prevent India of fulfilling its quest of infinite greed. Indian ear doesn’t have the ability to hear anything except the report of gun.

(Text file of Freedom, Volume 4 Issue 20 November 1, 2001)