\\"India Shinning\\"

Certainly, yes. There are scores of shimmering information, which instill a sense of feel good in every Indian mind. That is also true for Sujit. Here are some pointers for his optimism.

15 of the world\\'s major automobile makers are obtaining components from Indian companies. This business fetched India $375 million last year and in 2003 the number will be $1.5 billion. In half a decade, they will reach $15 billion.

Hero Honda with 17 lakh motorcycles a year is now the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

The prestigious UK automaker, Rover is marketing 1 lakh Indica cars made by Tata in Europe, under, wait a minute, its own name.

Bharat Forge has the world\\'s largest single-location forging facility. It produces 1.2 lakh tonnes per annum and its clients include Honda, Toyota and Volvo among others.

Asian Paints now owns 22 production facilities over 5 continents and is the market leader in 11 of these countries.

Hindustan Inks has the world\\'s largest single stream fully integrated ink plant of 1-lakh tones per annum capacity and 100% owned subsidiaries in USA and Austria.

EsselPropack is the world\\'s largest laminated tube manufacturer with presence in 11 countries and a global marketing share of 25% already.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is blazing ahead too. At $6.5 billion and growing at 8-10% annually, it is the 4th largest pharmaceutical industry in the world.

As for technology, India is among the three countries that have built supercomputers on their own. The other two are USA and Japan.

India is among six countries that launch satellites and do so even for Germany and Belgium. India\\'s INSAT is among the world\\'s largest domestic satellite communication systems.

India is one of the world\\'s largest diamond cutting and polishing centres. About 9 out of 10 stones sold anywhere in the world, pass through India.

And since we think banning fashion shows is the way ahead, it might be interesting to know that Wal-Mart sources $1 billion worth of goods from India - half its apparel, GAP about $600 million and Hilfiger $100 million.

Over 70 MNCs have set up R&D facilities in India in the past five years.

100 of the Fortune 500 are now present in India vs 33 in China.

Intel\\'s Indian staff strength has gone up from 10 to 1,000 in four years.

GE with a $60 million invested in India employs 1,600 researchers, while it has only 100 in China.

The turnaround time in Indian ports is down to 4 days from 10 and its telecom infrastructure in 1999 provided a bandwidth of 155 Mbps. Today, it is 75,000 times more and with fibre optic networks in 300 cities, it will change the face of business.

Mobile phones are growing by about 1.5 million a month. Long distance rates are down by two-thirds in five years and by 80% for data transmission.