ILLEGAL immigration of BANGLADESIS into ASSAM - IB Secret Report to GOI.

A. The problem of illegal immigration:

The number of illegal immigrants into Assam from Pakistan (now Bangladesh) over the course of last 12 years (Since 1953) has been very conservatively estimated at about 2,50,000. Local unofficial estimates, however put the figure even higher. The fact that such a large number of immigrants succeeded in illegialy crossing the frontier and settling down unnoticed would prove that the measures so far taken have not been effective.

Indeed very large pockets of Nowgong, Darrang, Goalpara, North Lakhimpur districts are almost entirely by Muslims, a very large proportion of whom are new immigrants from Bangladesh.

It is always difficult to remove an immigrant after he has entered the territory ans he has setteled down for some time. This raises various political and even human problems.

It is better therefore, to stop the infiltration at the border, and make it unattractive for the Bangladesis to come into Assam by denying the benifits (Voters Right) which lure them into the state.

Beside preventing future immigrants, there is the problem of the large number of infiltrants who have already come and who settled down. In several past instances it has been seen that while they have come and they are making a living in this country, their symphetics lie entirely with Pakistan/Bangladesh.

This can be illustreted by the attitude of the immigrants in Darrang during the Chinese invasion in November, 1962 and Morajhar area of Nowgong district recently.

Means therefore will have to be adopted to DETECT and REMOVE these illigal immigrants who have already setteled in Asssam.

This is a report from 1965.

The Indian Government however did not take the matter seriously and instead brought in place a law to Protect Bangladeshis for the sake of the Indian National Congress to stay in power and use the Bangladeshis coming in hundreads every day now to use as permenent vote bank to come to power both in Assam state Assembly and New Delhi.

Today no one can come to power in Assam unless supported by the Bangladeshis. Therefore until and unless the Voting Rights of all Muslims staying in Assam are removed and military actions are taken to remove them to Bangladesh, Assam will see bloodshed the world will never forget.

The irony is this that the Assamese or Indians will be the losers. As New Delhi concentrates on staying in power and Kashmir, there will be no Hindu left in Assam.

So my dear Assamese get ready to be killed by Bangladeshis pretty soon, and those in New Delhi can rest in peace as all Bangladeshis will vote Congress to power anyways.