Humiliated nation

Peoples of Assam are screened, assaulted and the women are molested by the Indians in Bihar state without any provocation. It was later on stated by a Hindi vernacular daily that Bihari candidates were debarred from appearing an interview conducted by Guwahati Chapter of Indian Railway Board. It was a false and fabricated story and so had escaped the eyes of all news media even the Indian oriented ones.

The happenings are a natural one, as we do understand the emotional differences in between the Indian and Assam as a whole. The mindset of Indians are surely a typical one, just to be same as, it might be upon a occupied nation. India better believes that Assam must abide by to satisfy their desires and needs one to all. We have to open our cinemas to reflect the Hindi films, our kids neurons for Hindi Language, media for Hindi circulation, trades and commerce for Hindustani merchants and above all the employment facilities for the Indian unemployed.

Surprisingly, when we called for a resistance against such an imposition of Indian desire, people from our own blood are parroted by the occupation India against such a call. These people try to make us understood that we have failed to understand the "realities". In this moment we hope that the present incident will be able to open the eyes of the "reality" seekers and help to rationalize the objective realities on the ground.

People of Assam will be assaulted at Bihar and Assam will observe Bandh, we simply fail to understand the equation. It’s is just to put ointment to an injury of a national prestige on behalf of the perpetrator. It’s seemed to be an another assault. We should make it very clear that we are not going to undermine the way of protest but the protest per incident is simply denying over and again the objective realities of the occupation. If peoples would have not been assaulted notoriously there could be no question of observing protest. We are categorically opposing such a political behavior.

It’s the occupation of India, the mother of all assault not only upon some ill-fated individuals but on the whole nation. We have to search the real "reality".

Freedom, FORTNIGHTLY newsletter.
UNITED Liberation Front of ASOM
Volume 7 issue 21, November1, 2003