Geeta Barua Deka is my mother and we did receive a miracle

Many people feel mom suffered and went through pain simply because she had cancer. The truth is she felt uneasiness twice and that was because she was in a bed for several days something she couldnt stand because she was somebody who loved to cook every morning, go to work everyday, go to every party, do all she did and take care of everyone at the same time. She was so active that lying in bed for more than a couple days was like hell. If she went through any pain it wouldve been emotional just because she wasnt able to get up and do all that she wanted with us during that last couple weeks. I dont believe any one person has received so much prayer. All faiths from all over the world prayed like there was no tomorrow and we expected a certain miracle because of who she was, all shes done for the world, and because of all of our faith, but we received a different kind of miracle. The miracle we received was one that started last year. She went through her surgery waking up laughing with her sisters walking around like nothing happened and then went home to call her clients to work when it usually takes two to three weeks recovery. She danced in denver while undergoing chemotherapy when nobody knew about her surgery or being diagnosed with cancer. She had all these treatments that never could make her sick once, that never could take that smile off her face, that never could make her miss work or a party until Jan 25th of this year. But from that day till february she slept like a baby responding on and off. There was never any pain or suffering. A couple times she would moan or hum and when we turned her on her side or to a different position in her bed, the moaning went away right away. All the prayers allowed her not to suffer any pain when millions of cancer patients undergo excrutiating pain. Even in her face was always just peacefulness as she would smile on and off. She was so lucky not only to live a beautiful and the happiest life but she never ever had to see a loved one die. I will never believe that mom did die. Somebody so perfect so beautiful with a heart like hers, a nature like hers, a soul like hers could never ever die. She went to another place and its a matter of time until we will see her again. I know I have to live my life up in her honor because she wouldnt have it any other way, but I look forward everyday to the day we will be together again. Please realize all of our prayers were answered and as a result she didnt suffer at all. Her life alone was a miracle. Who else would be sweeter to be the first one to welcome us when our time comes. Shes my life and always will be. But I will continue to always feel her in every way just wont be able to see her for some time. I already hear her telling me all I have to do in life. You all take care and if anything extraordinary happens, dont be too surprised. God bless.

Raja Chandra Deka


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