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The fall of the super confident ‘Mahanta & Company’ from the throne of the state collaborator has marked the happening factors to the socio-political life of Assam more deeply than ever. It’s for the third time the people of Assam has dethroned the collaborator government according to their wish like before in search of fearless air and economic empowerment. It was a demanding necessity where the back of the people touched the wall because of the tyranny of the Mahanta regime. The same story is going to be repeated after next five years.

All the political parties protect the agenda of the occupation India, which are simply directing against the freedom struggle, to deceive their all inability to develop Assam as declared through their sweet (!) manifestos. They never accuse occupation India for its colonial occupation, which is the mother of all causes for the underdevelopment and overall plight in Assam. Occupation India has been draining away our wanton resources bending the economy of Assam to its knees. Markets of Assam are flooded with the consumer goods of other parts of India, which are made of the raw materials drained away from Assam. Demography has been crushed by the influx of illegal migrants. Nevertheless, the collaborator governments never open the Pandora box of their masters because they know very well that there are no alternatives in the hand of ill-fated people of Assam but to choice any one among them under compulsion to fill the vacuum of Dispur after every alternative five-years term.

The new collaborator Congress government has also started its going on the road of governance with no difference to the previous others. Indeed, no government shows its real colonial economic status inside the clutch of occupation economy to the people but provides only sewing-gum to console for their term of governance. To make allegation against the previous collaborator government for the entire plight of the downtrodden people of Assam has become an old fashioned cover to hide the real culprit, the colonial occupation India. And it is the solemn duty of the collaborator governments to deceive the people of occupied territory from the grim reality on behalf of their master.

The cunning collaborator politicians understand the psychological footing of the people and start their program for the next election to stand as an alternative for another five years. However, what we say is to the people of Assam that it should not be the last word only to choose the temporary alternative every time but should choose the real alternative that can resolutely open the Pandora box of Indian occupation in front of the democratic world, even sitting at the treasury benches of Assam curved by the Indian occupation artisan. We have already manifested that it would be termed as a struggle of another form against the Indian occupation had any political party/parties or organization used the fissure of Indian constitution to call for the restoration of sovereignty and independence of Assam.


A farmer, Mr. Baloram Nath (31) of Dhantola village in Nalbari district who went missing since May 19 has been killed in a ‘fake encounter’ with Indian occupation force (I.O.F.) at Patkataa Link road under Ghograpar P.S. in the morning of May 25. Mr. Baloram, father of one-year-old girl had gone to Nalbari town on May 19 to make some purchases, but never returned home. According to eyewitness, a gang of 5 Sikh light infantry Regiment of I.O.F. in a league with some secret killers forcefully picked up Mr. Nath from the town in a white Maruti car to an unknown destination. The family members had went in search of Mr. Nath to every I.O.F. camp located in Nalbari, even informed the civil administration about the kidnapping of Mr. Nath, but all went into deaf ear.

The deposition of the bullet-ridden body of Mr. Nath by the I.O.F. at the Ghagrapar P.S. in the morning of May 25 has created a great deal of sensation at Nalbari and about 400 people took out a procession in Nalbari town carrying the dead body chanting slogans against the I.O.F.’s brutality and laid seize the district Deputy Commissioner office to demand immediate action against the secret killings.


Govt-sponsored Hired Killer (HK) hurled a Chinese hand grenade into the house of Mr. Jayanta Barua, proprietor of a popular Assamese vernacular daily ‘Asomiya Protidin’ at Sundarpur in Guwahati city at around 9.30 p.m. on May 20 last. Luckily, Mr. Barua was not at his home during the incident. The windowpanes of the residence were broken into pieces and a Matiz car parked inside the compound was badly damaged due to the impact of the blast. The arrest of some surrendered militants by Assam police from a den of I.O.F.’s designated camp in connection to the incident clearly indicates that the grenade blasting is a handiwork of RAW using hired killers (HK). It may be mentioned here that on May 17, 1996 tuning with the change of collaborator goverment in Dispur, RAW, using HKs, assassinated Mr. Parag Das, the founder editor of the same newspaper and the pioneer of Human Rights Movement in Assam.

The attack was subsequent to the news publication group filing boldly the reports of Indian inhuman brutality, corruption, looting of Assam’s resources and other irregularities in the hand of Indian regime in Assam. In Assam, it is well familiar to the Fourth Estate that if the excesses of security forces are brought to light, then the reporters or the owner of the publication is considered to be hand in glove with the ULFA. As a result the whole publication is subjugated to harassment in various form by the I.O.F.

The cowardly act of grenade hurling has been vehemently condemned by all section of the people in various protest meetings and the protesters urge the authority to guarantee freedom of press, ensure safety and security of all members of the press and prevention of crime against the scribes.


Dr. Krishna Deka, an on-duty doctor of Guwahati Medical College (GMC) was tortured unprovoked by a gang of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of I.O.F. stationed at Satgaon on the night of May 29. Following the assault by CRPF on the Doctor, the students and doctors of the college clashed with the CRPF gang. The situation became controlled at the timely interval of police.
The All Assam Government Doctors’ Association has condemned the provoked physical assault on Mr. Deka and urged the concerned authorities to be vigilant against such crimes.


Within the last couple of months Malaria has broken out in the state and has taken an epidemic form. Till now, reportedly more than 800 people have died and thousands others have been affected in various parts of Assam. The disease normally hits the border areas of Assam-Nagaland, Assam-Bhutan, Assam-Arunachal border. According the sources, 187 people including 38 children in Gohpur and Biswanath subdivisions in Sonitpur district, 250 people including 5 pregnant women in Nagrijuli, Barbari, Barama area in Assam-Bhutan border of Nalbari district, 71 people in Titabor area in Assam-Nagaland border of Jorhat district, 46 in Nazira of Sibsagar district, 55 in Bokajan of Golaghat district, 68 in Boitamari area in Assam-Bhutan area of Dhuburi district, 33 in Puthimari area of Nagaon district, 40 in Bormari, Kolbari, Borgaon, Simaluguri and Boha of Marigaon district while 20 others in the Udalguri sub division of Kokrajhar district have lost their lives so far of the disease. The actual death toll may turn out to be higher as the people in the interior areas normally do not report death in fever to the authorities. The worst effected area is Tamuplpur of Nalbari district where more than 40 thousands people have been so far affected by this killer disease. The outbreak of malaria is spreading so alarmingly that if it continues, it will take a heavy toll within the next few days.

Notwithstanding, the killer disease assumed alarming proportion in Assam, some medical centers and dispensaries have been still occupied by the troops of Indian occupation forces instead of doctors. The sufferers of all the malaria-affected areas alleged that lack of proper treatment in the absence of adequate quantity of medicine, saline and mosquito nets. The ongoing war and malaria menace have turned Assam into no more less than African horror.


ULFA strongly dismisses the allegation made by Mr. D.N. Bezbaruah, the editor of Guwahati based English Daily ‘The Sentinel’ to a correspondent of Zee News website recently that the latter was attempted twice and has been threatened almost every day by the former. An available ULFA source says to the ‘Freedom’ that while ULFA itself condemn all the brutalities on fourth Estate and emphasizes to uphold the freedom of Press, there may not arise any question of frightening any journalist by the ULFA. Terming Mr. Bezbaruah’s allegation as baseless and incompatible with the fact, the source says that it’s only an diabolic design of the editor, voicing unjustified against the ULFA to achieve a cheap popularity in front of the BJP-led New Delhi Government for making an electoral route to India’s upper house from Assam as a BJP nominee. However, the defeat of the AGP and BJP led coalition has already shattered his dream.


In the name of carrying out so-called raids on the houses ULFA freedom fighters, a gang of Assam police commandos on May 29 harassed family members of ULFA member Mr. Ugra Barman in Nalbari district. The police gang barged into the house of Ugra Barman at Kharuajan village and finding no clue of his existence beat up Barman’s family members and damaged several valuable articles and furniture of the house. Later, the gang forcefully took away Dibakar Barman, younger brother of Ugra and handed over to Barama police. Mr. Dibakar is currently undergoing Medical treatment under Nalbari Civil Hospital in a severe condition. Earlier, Ugra’s another two brothers were sentenced in the Nalbari jail for seven months. The local people demonstrated a protest rally against the police atrocities and demanded the district administration not to harass the innocent family members of ULFA freedom fighters in the name of so-called search operation.


The peace talk between New Delhi and NSCN (IM) held at Bangkok last week has hung on when both sides failed to resolve their difference on the issue of extension of ceasefire as demanded by NSCN (I-M) to the Naga inhabited areas in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. Mention may be made here that the four-years-old ceasefire that is valid only in Indian occupied Nagaland will expire in July of this year.
The issue of ceasefire expansion has been vigorously protested from all sections of the people of these respective states with a view that ‘The cease-fire should be confined to Nagaland only’. ULFA also reiterate its protest saying, “The ULFA and the people of Assam will negotiate in no condition on the present territorial boundary of Assam. The North Cachar area of Assam, to where NSCN (IM) proposes to extend the ceasefire, the ancestral homeland of Dimacha Kachari peoples is the integral part of Assam.”

According to the last report, the NSCN (I-M) General Secretary, Mr. T. Muivah has given enough indications to the representative of New Delhi that ongoing ceasefire would be broken off if the later failed to accept its demand.


The continued erosion of immense proportions at Afala area in Dichangpani, 15-km away from Sibsagar town in Upper Assam by the river Brahmaputra is posing a serious threat to the entire area. The erosion that started in 1998 is about to sweep 3 villages of that area. Already 100 family of Afala village, 50 of Charaipara village and 30 of Garvaga village have become homeless in the fury of erosion and seen only darkness in their lives.
But till date the government has initiated no concrete measure. The people of affected area have become ‘no body’s baby’ for the government.


1) Name: Mr. Dhonti Deka (25)
Place of incident: at Barkola under Mangaldai police station in Darrang district.
Date of incident: 17-5-2001
Status: an unemployed youth
Perpetrator: A team of Red Horn Division of I.O.F.
2) Name: Mr. Hiranya Baishya (32)
Place of incident: at Jagipara village under Boko PS in Kamrup district when Mr. Baishya was returning home from a ‘Bihu’ function.
Date of incident: 17-5-2001
Status: a businessman
Perpetrator: Govt. sponsored secret killers.
3) Name: Mr. Bipul Chahoria (22)
Place of incident: at Barkola under Mangaldai police station in Darrang district.
Date of incident: 17-5-2001
Status: an unemployed youth
Perpetrator: A team of Red Horn Division of I.O.F.
4) Name: Mr. Suruj Sarmah (27)
Place of incident: at Ganesh Nagar at Jyotinagar under Chandmari PS in Guwahati
Date of incident: 18-5-2001
Status: an unemployed youth
Perpetrator: Assam police commandos.
5) Name: Mr. Binoy Rava (29)
Place of incident: at Ganesh Nagar at Jyotinagar under Chandmari PS in Guwahati
Date of incident: 18-5-2001
Status: an unemployed youth
Perpetrator: Assam police commandos.
6) Name: Mr. Aniram Daimary (27)
Place of incident: at Veragaon village in Darang district in fake encounter
Date of incident: 23-5-2001
Status: a freedom fighter
Perpetrator: A team of Red Horn Division of I.O.F.