Debojit is the Voice of India !! Debojit wins Saregamapa 2005 !!

Today was the grand finale and for the last time in Andheri Sports Complex, the two ‘SaReGaMaPa’ finalists, Debojit and Vinit, fought in the musical mahayuddh and Debojit emerged victorious
North voted 1 crore 55 lakhs, East Zone voted around 3 crore, West and South less than 1 crore !!

Debojit, an engineer from Silchar, Assam told the media before the final, “Whatever I’ve achieved - where I’ve come - is more than enough. I feel the blessings that my mother gave me before her death have borne fruits. This week alone I’ve received 5 lakh votes from my home in Assam. I can’t tell you how confident it makes me feel.”
He further told, “I’m not thinking of the results at all. I’m thinking only of my singing and how to sing to my best level possible…I’m happy with whatever God has planned for me tomorrow. I’m really excited about singing the song my mentor Ismail Durbar has composed for me. It’s a Sufi number and very soulful. And Ranjit Barot has arranged it. I never thought I’d stand in front of so many thousands of people including some of the biggest musicians and stars, and be watched by millions of people at home at such a live event, singing such a beautiful song composed specially for me. It’s a dream come true.”

Debojit showed tremendous fighting spirit and humility on the face of all hostilities showed to him and clung on to the competition with his head held high. There was even an allegation of his involvement with a militant group but that was a clear move on his fellow contestants to defame him.Debojit has proved to the world that he is the best.
It may be mentioned that he has recently sung a song for Ismail Durbar and got offers from Pritam Chakraborty and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Besides, he is reported to have got lots of offers from Kolkata and Assam, for private albums and films.May he be crowned with success in every path he treads.

The other contestant Vinit Singh told media,before the finale, “No, I’m not nervous but very excited. We’re rehearsing hard and I’m feeling good about the finale. I’ve a great line-up of songs for the Grand Finale including `One love’, `Kaal Dhamaal’, `Bhadshah’ and `Chand Tare’. I also have a duet `Just chill’ with Himani.But the big one for the evening is the song that my mentor Himesh Reshammiya has composed. It’s a soft melodious Indian ballad that mid-way goes into a cool Western interlude. Very challenging to sing.” And finally Vinit reportedly says, “ Yes, I’m confident of winning.”

Vinit hails from a small village of Lucknow and dropped his 12th exam to make it big in the Bollywood playback singing. He staged a walkout with his fellow contestants, when Debojit got the highest number of votes. Vinit has performed consistently and was a deserving second.

Truth always prevails and Debojit is India’s voice !!
Way to go, Debojit.Sky is the limit for you!

We congratulate Debojit, we congrtulate India, we congratulate Assam !!