\\"Commerce College Crisis Deepens\\".

As a past student from GCC (1992 BATCH), I not only support the Principal, but would like to give him a huge round of applause, for the steps taken by him to ensure that the college continues to deliver a good standard. Congratulation Sir! Assam needs strict educationist and disciplinarian like you.

I think the authorities should immediately expel this GS character. What the hell is he doing, in a business school, by not attending a single class? What example does he intend to show to his class mates in terms of business skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and managerial skills? Does he understand accounts? Statistics? Economics? Anything remotely connected to trade and commerce?

I very much doubt it. I think this fellow is trying to follow the footsteps of Prafulla Mahanta and we all know where one ends!
No Sir, I think he is just out to prove his ego. How dare can he pull out a class mate from writing exam? And shutting the gates? Why don\\'t the parents of the students take serious action - Police action, against this GS character - Bidyut Chakravarty, who is now responsible, by delaying the individual career of each and every batch mate of his? This is a very serious offence.
Parents WAKE UP! File suits! Support the Principal! Your children\\'s future cannot be allowed, to be dictated by this GS. They will loose an academic year and we all know what happened in 1980, when we all lost a year due to the Assam agitation and what we got from that - LEARN FROM THAT!

I am going to circulate this mail to my fellow batch mates, across the globe. Once again Congratulation Sir! We are with you.
Yours sincerely,

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