Chittagong Hill Tracts(CHT) news(govt. plan to settle bengali in jumma area

We have been reported that the government of Bangladesh is planning to
settle 65 thousand Bengalees in Sajek Union under Rangamati district.
For the last few days military officials have been frequenting to the
area. Rangamati Brigade Commander will visit Sajek in a few days.
Soldiers are now clearing jungles for a temporary helipad to enable a military
copter to drop the Brigade commander.

For the last one and half years the military has been engaged in
constructing a road from Baghaihat to Sajek. It is believed that as soon as
the road is completed the government will start the settlement of the
Bengali people.

According to the alleged plan the government will settle them on a vast
hilly area from Baghaihat to Majolong in the Union. As part of the
blueprint, apart from constructing the Sajek road, a new army camp has
already been set up in a place called Nandaram.

The settlement of such a large number of Bengali settler families will
have devastating effect on the environment. It will evict the Christian
Pankua nationality who have been living in the area peacefully, mostly
unaffected during the JSS struggle.

We request you to take the matter seriously. We must take actions
before a single Bengali family is settled. We have had enough of them. Ask
the reputed human rights organisations including Amnesty International,
Survival International and Human Rights Watch to enquire with the
government of Bangladesh about the alleged plan and to put pressure upon the
government to abandon such a devastating plan.