Chief Minister's visit to USA

Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi will visit USA in 2nd week of August.

CM Visit - update

-------------------------------------------------From: Kedar Bhuyan
Subject: CM Visit - update
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 06:51:18 -0700

-------------------------------------------------Dear Axomiya raij:

This morning I have received an email from the office of Hon'able CM Assam updating their latest schedules. Earlier I had requested Hon'able CM office a weekend date, preferably a Saturday for Hon'able CM public appearance in New York area. Now I would like to share their reply. Here is a selected portion of the email.

".........This is in continuation to my earlier mail confirming
Hon'ble Chief Minister's presence on 17th August 2002
in New York. We have scheduled his presence in New
York on a saturday ( 17th )as requested. We would
request you to kindly confirm the programme on 17! th
along with details......... "

I have contacted with Hon'able CM office regarding the program with details. Once confirmed I shall let you know. Thanks.


Kedar Bhuyan