Celebration of Rangali Bihu in Chandigarh

Rongali Bhu 2006 in Chandigarh

An enthusiastic audience of about 300 persons comprising people belonging to the Assamese community living in Chandigarh and those having some form of previous links with the state and its colourful culture by way of service, trade and business, enjoyed the cultural program. The major attraction of the program included Bihu dance by a troop from Delhi, Bhangra by a group of local school children and other individual performance by the local artists. Among individual performances receiving applause from the audience, mention may be made of songs by Dr. Biman Saikia from the PGIMER and Smt. Ranjita Borah and violin recital by Smt. Sarah Mazid.

The inaugural lamp symbolizing the opening of the cultural program was lit by Padam Shri Nek Chand, the creator of the Rock Garden. Smt. Shanti Das, mother of Late Dr. P.M.Das, Ex. ADGP, Govt. of Punjab who died a premature death while leading an expedition to a Himalayan peak last year attended the function as a Guest of Honour. Earlier, homage was paid to the memory of late Das on behalf of the Assam Foundation. Smt Chandana Das, wife of late Dr. Das, led those paying homages.

It may be added that the Rangali Bihu is the most colourful event of Assam celebrated with reverberative enthusiasm. This Bihu festival is observed in mid spring from Maha Bisuv Sankranti day amidst heart catching fragrance of the blooming flowers like Jasmine, Togar, Kapou, Chompa etc.and echoing melody presented by guest birds like Kuli and Keteki. It is a great atmosphere of heart giving and heart capturing for the youngsters The juveniles from both sexes dressed in traditional garments-Pat, Muga Mekhela Chaddar, Phulam Gamocha, rejoice to express one’s love and grief. The choral thunder of the traditional musical instruments of Bihudhol, Khol, Tal, Toka, Gogona, Pepa make the entire Assam unique platform of paramount amusement. .

Organizing Secretary : Sh T. K Hazarika (9417007543 )
Asst. Organizing Secretary : Sh. Imdadul Mazid (9815104623)