Bohag Bihu Celebration in New Jersey

Dear Members of the Assamese community in North-Eastern US,

On behalf of the Bihu Organizing committee, I thank everyone for coming to Cherry Hill (Berlin) and making our Bihu celebration a success.

Our seniors started with a Husori, the very traditional way. Thanks to you guys for sharing the spirit. Thanks to our Ladies folks for their great Chorus. We enjoyed Prafulla Choudhury's Borgeet.
Appreciated Rupak Bhuyan and Neepak Bhuyan (Rick-Nick) wonderful performance ( they sang Bhupen Hazarika's Song ).
Rishav Dutta 's assamese recitation was heart-touching.
Tripti Bora , Mridu Brahma and Marshella Brahma's modern dances were really nice.
We thank Umesh Tahbildar, ShankuMoni Sharma, Neelakhi Sharma, Gayatri Sharma and Ruprekha Bhuyan for their Song Performances.

The Parents of the children who participated in the Drawing Competition deserve special acknowledgement. We also appreciate the efforts put in by them in encouraging children to wear traditional dresses.

For the first time we organized events such as Best Dressed Competition for Kids in three categories ( Boys and Girls /under 6, under 12 and under 16). Winners in Girls Category are Barsha Sharma , Marshalla Brahma and Priya Saikia and winners in Boys category are
Sankar Saikia, Rishav Dutta and Neepak Bhuyan (Nick).
Surprising everyone, Saurabh Rai Baura and Bidip Sinha bagged the title of Best Dressed Man. Tripti Bora and Anusuya Hazarika carried away the title of Best Dressed Lady.

Pitha Competition winners are Surabhi Kalita, Susan Bhuyan and Runa Choudhury .
Flower arrangement winner is Shravani Sharma.
We also had hot potato games for kids as well as for adults.

Thanks to Gitu barua, Malabika Brahma, Susan Das, Nabanita Sharma, Bhonti Rajbanshi, Neal Barua and Ronju Das for arranging the food.

Our special thanks goes to Gini Saikia, Surabhi Kalita and Priya Saikia for their good contribution.

I personally thank Raja Barua, Pori Saikia, Arup Das, Probal Tohbildar, Utpal Brahma, Prakash Deka, Pronoti Dutta, Nomal Dutta, Mohesh Kalita and Kedar Bhuyan for their support towards the success.

We hope to continue these traditional events and keep up the spirit for all days to come.


Anjan Saikia.