Bohag Bihu celebration in Greater Boston - 2003

Nor the constant downpour of that day could dampen the spirits of the bihu enthusiast and people were delighted by the presence of old friends and well wishers from distant Montreal, Philadelphia, as well as Assam in addition to the Boston Assamese community.

The Bihu celebration started with the traditional Bihu snacks of ‘Ghila pitha’, ‘Narikolor Laru’, and about fifteen other items prepared by the Assamese ladies followed by some games of the children. Mrs. Amiya Hazarika, a social worker from Assam, has distributed the prizes to the winners of the games. A moment of silence was also observed for the departed soul of Geeta Barua Deka from Houston, Texas.

The cultural evening began with a Chorus (‘Tore More Alokore Jatra’) by the Boston Bihu host committee members. The children’s program immediately followed in which a delightful song composed by Chiranjit Deka was performed by Puja Sarma, Megha Boruah, and Anisha Deka. In another group dance Puja Sarma and Nidhee Krishnan staged a Bhupen Hazarika favourite, ‘Kahuwa Bon’, that brought fond memories to the audience. Furthermore, Aditya Barua’s poetry recitation was unique in the kid’s section.


In the adult group events, Husori, Jeng Bihu, a ‘Xur Xomoloy’, and Dandiya Nitrya were the main attractions of the evening. The Husori, led by Mrinal Hazarika, was, as authentic as could be, aptly supported by Ratul Barua (Gaon Budha), Pankaj Boruah, Mridul Gogoi (Taka), Bhaskar Baruah (Dhol), Kanak Sarma, Manajit Barman (Banhi), Elumalai Murugan (Taal), and Nachani Sanghamitra Borgohain (Gogona), Monalisa Hazarika, and Poly Deka.

Jeng Bihu

The Jeng Bihu of Sanghamitra Borgohain, Monmi Deka, Gayatree Hazarika, Darsana Barua, Rupa Sarma, Poly Deka, Karabi Boruah, and Ginima Barua enthralled the audience that people did not remember seeing for a while.

In the middle of the program, the ‘Xur Xomoloy’ has created an entertaining diversion comprising of popular and bihu songs by Bhaskar and Monmi Deka, Mridul Gogoi, and Chiranjit Deka. The last item of the evening was a Dandiya Raas performed by Monmi Deka, Gayatree Hazarika, Darsana Barua, Rupa Sarma, Poly Deka, Karabi Boruah, Ipsita Deka, Ginima Barua, and Sanghamitra Borgohain.


The highlight of the program was a solo bihu dance by Sanghamitra Borgohain. Varieties abound in the other individual performances that included a Kamrupiya Loka Geet by Kanak Sarma, the number ‘Xonar Kharu Nalage mok‘ by Ginima Barua, a ‘Dr. Bezbarua’ song by Kiran Sharma, a Loka Geet by Ranima Datta, a Hindi song by Monideepa Baruah, and western pops by Prithwi and MayuriThakuria, and Amir Rafique.

Manosi Datta, Kankana Barua, and Darsana Barua have co-ordinated the cultural evening guided by Pankaj Saharia while Pradeep Sharma took care of dinner arrangements. It was also refreshing to see a small exhibition of few collected photographs on Assam and its culture, a poem ‘Bihur Pepa’ by Debakanta Barua, some arts and paintings by Ankana and Darsana Barua.

The Bihu program ended with a delicious dinner that included mouth-watering Rou Masor Tenga.